The Best of r/IndiaSocial

They come from far and wide, dropping the one-liners, the weekend dinner pics, the “stay-cationists”, the wholesome memologists and hangry pangers. The Best of r/IndiaSocial awards these brave souls based on votes by the people themselves. 


Best Post

The post that made you smile, laugh, cry, or maybe even drop your croissant.

Best Comment

For all the Shakespeare and Drake impressionists in the house. Mic dropping is their game.

Best User

Santa’s most beloved. Your class teacher’s pet. That SharmaJi ka beta/beti.

Best OC Photography/Art

The nature lovers, the master painters, the pet parents and liminal space enthusiasts. 

Best Chef/Cook

Smack That Asafoetida and stir nicely. This is for the magicians of the kitchen only.

Featured Winners

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